Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Inside Pocket Fiasco

Rummaging through my loft the other day, I came across an ancient pocket computer I'd totally forgotten I ever owned. 

The Psion Organiser II.

Now I use the term 'pocket computer' with caution, as the thing is the size of a paperback and weighs as much as Gary Coleman. I actually remember that on buying this pocket computer in the late 1980s, I had to go out and buy a new denim jacket with an inside pocket large enough to accompany the beast.  Also, the Psion II had the same attitude to batteries that Marlon Brando did to donuts, and would eat them up at such a rate that I frequently ended up carrying pockets full of batteries too.

I looked like a suicide bomber who'd bought his bomb from IKEA in kit form and never quite got around assembling it.

But apparently I am in good company.

In the 1950s Sony was just starting out, and its salesmen had to flog an equally huge 'pocket radio' which was far too large to fit in a pocket.  Their solution?  Sony's salesmen were issued shirts with extra large breast pockets in order to fool customers.  Smart stuff.

And so, whilst Sony went on to build an electronic empire out of their bulging pockets, all I ended up with was strange looks from girls at my school.

Sorry girls, I wasn't pleased to see you - it was just a computer in my pocket....


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