Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blockbuster: The Grime and the Glory

Today the jewels in embedded in the hands of Blockbuster employees started glowing as Last Day approached.  And there would be no renewal on Carousel this time.

Like most people I had a love/hate relationship with Blockbuster: I'd gotten a few good gaming deals down the years there, but I'd also walked out a few times in disgust.

Blockbuster was famous for its grey carpets (the dingiest colour in the universe apart from Post Office carpets) and the odd smell that would come from the carpet in some branches. 

Most people say Blockbuster closed down as Netflix and Lovefilm killed it, but I think it committed suicide.  I'll never forget the day, halfway through scanning my purchase, the guy behind the counter said: "Fuck it, I'm going for a ciggy. " He promptly walked out the shop and smoked a cigarette as the queue built up. 

Farewell sir, I shall miss your kind face and charming manner.

Friday, 8 November 2013

New Blog: The Man Who Fell To Croydon

Hello - this blog's been dormant for a long while - but it will be coming back to life soon.

But for the moment I've a new satirical blog (ie: terrible jokes rejected by The Onion and Daily Mash), though if that your sort of thing please do take look (and spread the word).

 It's called 'The Man Who Fell To Croydon'.

 (for those of you outside the UK, Croydon's a town just outside London where I grew up - it features in the book 'Crap Towns', so I think you get the gist.....)